How to Create Your Own Digital Signage ?

Digital signage software is a revolutionary innovation for marketing and advertising. Digital signage software helps a lot of businesses to communicate and provide information and news to the audience and prospective buyers, anytime, anywhere.

Marketing and AdvertisingWhether you are driving, eating or simply shopping around, you can see a lot of signs made by digital signage software. These signs provide up-to-date (or real time) information and news. With the help of digital signage software, creating your own advertisement is very quick and simple. Take note of the following steps:

  1. Prepare all the things you need before starting.
  • Computer
  • Software or Program (PowerPoint, Flash, HTML)
  • Management server
  • Content player
  • Display screen
  1. Think of a clear message that you want to put in your advertisement. What are the things your prospective clients would like to know? Do you want to promote an old product or service or do you want to introduce a new one?

The initial step in making your own digital signage is first to determine the message you would like to relay and to whom you would like this message to be delivered.

  1. Assign the message to different zones. With a digital signage, the screen, where your advertisement will be, is separated into different areas which is called the zones (or also screen zones). There are different contents which can be placed in these zones. You can put any messages or contents in these zones, depending on your taste and needs.
  1. Content designerStart designing your digital signage using different programs such as PowerPoint, Flash or even HTML.  If you do not have any creative skills to use these programs, you may seek the help of a web content designer or a graphic artist to do the creative task. Just like the traditional billboards and advertisement mediums, your digital signage should be an eye catcher for the viewers. You can add more graphics (you can use full motion or 3D graphics), background music, even short clips to your digital signage. You can also hire a professional graphic artist who can make animations for you or you can avail of the services of a digital sign company to do the work.
  1. Before publishing or posting your digital signage, make sure that you have viewed and reviewed all the contents first. This step is very important to make sure that the digital ad you will be posting is as accurate as you want it to be before the general public will be able to view it.
  1. Publish your digital signage using a content manager or company. You have the option to use either a public or private content manager. If the digital signage you made is to be used for billboards or larger screens, then, you would need a content manager who has a billboard and will be able to publish your signage electronically. If the digital signage you created is to be displayed in smaller spaces, like in a bathroom or in a small shop, then, you would need an online content manager to do the job.
  1. Always update your signage as frequently as possible. One of the advantages of digital signage is that it can be easily updated, anytime, anywhere you are. Update your content to keep the messages fresh for the viewers.

Some helpful tips when creating your own digital signage

  • Digital signage is more effective if the message is short but clear.
  • Use images which are relevant to the message you are implying. Never use an image which will drive the viewer’s attention away from the message you want to relay.